LED Light Therapy

Curious about LED and what it can do for your skin? There are many benefits to the simple practice of placing a mask that emits different colored lights. The LED  device works by releasing light onto the skin to stimulate specific responses. Each color of light reaches a different depth (nanometer) in the skin. The benefits range from increasing circulation and collagen and reducing acne. Clients that are light sensitive, taking antibiotics, have cancer or epilepsy, or is pregnant should not have the LED treatment. You can have the LED mask as an add-on to any of our treatments.

Acneic clients: Along with other electrical modalities and treatments, Blue light therapy can help enhance results. Bacteria in the skin produces porphyrin, which absorbs the blue light emitted by the LED mask. This results in a chemical reaction that destroys the bacteria.  For best results, eight sessions are given over a four-week period. Most clients see a 55% improvement. Red light therapy can also reduce inflammation on the acneic skin. Moderate acneic skin tends to yield better results than patients with acne lesions.

Janny Yean